All students applying for grades 5-12 will take Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) as part of the application process.  

The Independent School Entrance Exam is a standardized exam that consists of three parts:

  • Carefully constructed and standardized verbal and quantitative reasoning tests that measure the student’s capability for learning.
  • Reading comprehension and mathematics achievement tests that provide specific information about the student’s strengths and growth areas in those areas.
  • An essay section.

The ISEE evaluates not only the student's level of reading, but also their ability to comprehend material drawn from the sciences and humanities. The ISEE essay is timed and written in response to a prompt. This essay is not scored; it is photocopied and sent only to the applicants school for analysis.

The cost of the exam is $110 and is payable to ERB (Educational Records Bureau) upon registration. A limited number of​ ​exam fee waivers are available through Elgin Academy to families that qualify, however, your request must be received by our Admission Office prior to registering online. Exam fee waivers do not cover extra charges incurred​ for phone-in or late registration fees.

Please contact the admissions office at Elgin Academy to register for a specific testing date. The admission office will send you registration information including event code for the test date and the school code needed for the  student's results to be sent to Elgin Academy.